Hot Water Units

250 Liter Hot Water CylinderOutside Hot water Cylinder(Images to float )Instantaneous  Natural Gas Steibel Eltron under sink Hot water unit.

Wynnum Plumbing Hot Water Units

Wynnum Plumbing installs a comprehensive range of hot water units.
Whether it be an upgrade, replacement, maintenance, leaks or tempering valve, we do want is needed and will warn you of potential future costs where appropriate.

We prefer Therman Hot Water Units for replacement as they have a 7 year warranty on tanks and are solar compatible if you so desire for the future.
We can install hot water cylinders on the wall or in a cupboard Make this a headed paragraph

Under Sink How Water 

Wynnum Plumbing can install a Steibel Eltron under sink hot water unit or these units can be mounted to a wall. They provide a great option for hot water. For outside barbaque area plumbing or office plumbing. The advantage of having a under sink hot water is that it heats water quickly. All that is required is a cold water pipe and a Power point in the cupboard under the sink.

Zip Boiler and Chiller   

We install Zip boilers and chillers. These are great for instant boilering water and instant filtered and chilled water. 

Dedicated Gas and Solar Plumber

Wynnum Plumbing has a Specialist plumber to deal with Solar and gas units for installation or maintenance.

Contact Us for Hot Water Unit Concerns

Please call us for any concerns you may have. Some problems just require you to hold a valve open and some are early warning signs which can save you dollars.