Free Advice

Try to find out where your plumbing is located. This includes your water, drains, storm water and sewage pipes.

Planting the Lemon tree on a Sunday arvo can turn sour!

The most valuable advice Wynnum Plumbers Jeff and MIchael can give our customers is “Get to know your premises.”

For example:
Where do you turn off the water and how? The meter box, usually on the footpath, has a valve to turn off the water. Try when there is not an emergency.

Check your water meter every now and then when there is no water being used in the house. If the meter is turning over you may have a leak somewhere.

A sewage drain plan can be invaluable to a plumber-drainer on those times when your drains are blocked. It can be obtained from your local council.

When Wynnum Plumbing attends your home for the first time and has fixed your problem, we are then happy to give free advice on any of your concerns with your plumbing and drainage.

Know the requirements of your hot water system unit. Traditional tank heaters need the tank topped up at least every few months using the top up valve - often a small lever.
Also you will find an isolator tap to stop water going through the system. If you have a hot water leak you can use this to stop the flow and still have cold water working.
Please call or email if you have a problem with this.